Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I'm a Candidate for South Lyon City Council

Because I love South Lyon. The eternal quest for women to change what they love notwithstanding. I want South Lyon to be the best small town it can possibly be. I asked Dad this morning why they retired here in 1992. He said because they needed inexpensive housing in a small town, he knew my cousin George lived here, and he liked what he saw. It was more rural then, but it is still a short drive to recreation areas, picture-postcard country. I love it because I walk to everywhere I need to do business. My dentist is in South Lyon. Eye doctor. Grocery store. Movie theater. Coffee shop. Hairdresser. I can ride my bike to the library. But why should voters consider any of that? I'm also tediously research-oriented and can dig into a project with absolute steadiness. I read the entire 2011-2012 city budget. There are line items that, baring legal requirements to do these things, perhaps can be cost saved. I want our citizens to be safe. Seniors and youngsters. There is no difference between these age groups in my mind, in terms of city services and function. We all need to be safe crossing the street. We all need recreation, good food and cool stuff to do. I volunteer a lot; but where and what I volunteer for is far away. I need to contribute to the community at home, in my hometown.

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