Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend at Emrich Retreat Center

We shared a glorious Michigan autumn weekend at Emrich Retreat Center. 24 women - practitioners, healers, extraordinary humans carried the energy of awakening and awareness into the woods, grounds and around the bonfire. We shared the facilities with a group of breast cancer survivors in another building, whose dancing affirming healing laughter floated high in the catalpa trees and pines. I walked to the car in the fading light to check messages after dinner. As I listened to my friend sharing her experience with a transformation card she wanted me to hear, I raised my head, smiling and opened my eyes. There on a catalpa was a beautiful woman with long hair in the tree trunk. Home on Sunday, I told Dad about the weekend, and he remembered going to Emrich Retreat Center on a couples retreat with St. Gabriel's in the 70s. Yesterday we drove through the beautiful countryside back to Emrich, and talked with Lance Spencer, caretaker with his wife, Shari, for the Retreat Center. I told him I wanted a better picture of the tree. He said "isn't it spooky?" He thought it looked skeletal. I thought it looked divine. The tree is special whatever image comes to mind, and I love that people see the world in multiple ways. The center is open through the winter (Ayres and Winters buildings only) and I can envision a retreat with snowshoes, cross country skis and a more challenging commune with Mother Nature in her icy garb. Gratitude and hugs to Patricia Fero for bringing us together for her sister Nenie Beanie's birthday bash; Lance and Shari for their excellent care, Bev Fish for the sumptuous food, Leah Lambaria, Mara Evans, Andrea Evans, Deb Austin, Paula and Bev for great presentations, E. M. Spairow for the scrumptious cake; and the beautiful enlightened community of Michigan women who shared experiences, heart, and spirit; and created goosebumps and glowing memories.

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