Monday, October 24, 2011

In the Realm of Meant To Be

I hunted for a cabochon. I have hunted late nights for years, not knowing why I sought one. My internet bookmarks are loaded with saved search results, although there is always something else to take my meager funds. I dream. I search. I wait. And one night there is the cabochon. Like all serious searches, the vision arrived when I was seeking something else. The dream is a lampwork raku flower in the colors of the great waters of earth. Five petals like the five Great Lakes that surround my home. The artist is Deborah Lambson (etsy shop kenzee), a glass artist in Tel Aviv, Israel, near the waters of the Mediterranean. As I wait for the glass art to arrive, I collect what I'll use to make the ring. I ask Dad if what I have in mind will work. And then I numb my fingers in artistic creative bliss. Dremeling, polishing, fitting. And when these creations come together I have a ring of power. A warrior woman ring. To it will gather the meant to be realm of the rest of my life. This is art: experience, seeking, work, creation. Art is personal. When art and personal combine it is sublime.


  1. I see our 'connection' Linda! you still have the ring and did the glue hold? it looks fabulous.

  2. sorry, I don't mean to spam your site with all of these comments but I just read your post and it reminded me of something my husband read to me once..that the art is never complete until it is given and appreciated or worn or in some way comes this full circle from creator to admirer or wearer..I should have saved it. It was a great thought and your creation is proof..that little cab is complete now. :-)