Sunday, October 2, 2011


Romans abandoning Briton, colonial imperialism kicked out of India and Africa, young people quietly demonstrating in the South in the 60s, this year in the Middle East, and now New York: the minute law enforcement starts messing with protesters is the same minute the protests get bigger, brighter, more powerful and eventually, successful. Demonstrators know this. Guess law enforcement does not. The Wall Street protests are not nearly the gargantuan and holy offloading of repressive and nasty regimes as the other crises were; or is it? Wall Street came so damn close to taking the world economy down, and the shakiness is not over. Wall Street speculators and minions have pranced away completely unhindered to continue at will the practices that may yet demolish global world financial markets. When does the noosphere become saturated? What is happening in our country is the same thing that happens in our family. When we let bygones be bygones, when we shut up rather than speak our truth, when we forgive without forgetting, when we take no turn that will upturn the status quo; we allow the hurts, the dismantling of dignity and community to stop us from growing and healing. We need to call out the perpetrators, to name the criminals involved and either put those in the court system, or redeem them in the public square. We cannot shovel the damage done under the Brooklyn Bridge. It is our obligation as free citizens, as patriots, as human beings.

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