Thursday, October 13, 2011

Under New Management

I'm not ready to write about all the amazing experiences happening in Michigan these days. For the present, friend Susan called today to share that she is still feeling wonderful after the retreat this weekend, and she summed up the world of resonance. Under New Management. We are in accord. This drawn image is a representation of All Mother. She is mother of... all. Her symbol appears on Saami drums, and is burned on a medallion on my walking stick. Something - maybe everything - has shifted. Our awareness of expanding consciousness is increasing rapidly. We sense energies vibrating, leaping, glowing while we observe with our inner eye and essential self. The veil between is fading. Between what? Everything. Within and without. Dimensions, living beings, spirit, everything. We hear that a kindred planet has been seen orbiting twin stars and we say, of course. We watch as a praying mantis tries to speak to us, and we listen. We read of an archeological find in Rome: a woman chief, and we say, naturally. We watch while major media wonders how people can protest and not make demands, and we understand how. We meet our spirit guides and we believe we intuited them there all along. This is an exciting time to be alive, a beautiful time to be an elder, and awestruck space to share with others. Under New Management. Thank you, Susan, for sharing.

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