Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Three Story Life: Christmas Eve

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the lights went out. Again. My brother sat on my Dad's unmade bed naked - and well - not entirely sit-worthy, and laundry had to be done. The power blew because I put the oven on to make grandma's coffee cake for tomorrow morning. Dad's Christmas shopping amounted to getting the serial yapper dog a new bed. He won't sleep in it, spent his awake time yapping about not sleeping, so the dog, Dad and the rest of us underslept a little. The VA called, had found a spot on Dad's lung, along with his vascular problems, his stents are plugged. Doctor said, maybe I should have waited until after Christmas to call. Dad doesn't want to go out tomorrow, so I had to go grocery shopping today for dinner then. I also had to call everyone and tell them we were not going anywhere Christmas day; and no, please, you needn't come here. Dad said take my debit card to the store. I did. I did not listen to my inner voice telling me now is an excellent time to see Ephesus and Constantinople, and maybe Antikythera and the other Greek Isles enroute. So, I did not need the debit card. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Michigan, the electrician I had called went to his office to get a little privacy to wrap Christmas gifts, saw the blinking message light and called us. He came, he checked, he fixed, and as I was writing his check, the neighbor banged on the door with an eggplant to tell us she, lucky woman, was on her way to Chicago, and did we want her eggplant? The serial yapper dog was power yapping, Dad was yelling "Linda!" while on the phone because our neighbor was banging on the door with an eggplant, and, of course, I was not doing anything. But wait! Power on! Fire disaster averted! Coffee cake in oven! Coffee in microwave. Laundry in washer. Laundry in dryer. Gifts wrapped and put under tree. Got the wrong stuff at the grocery store for dinner; went back and got the right, after having already gone back because I forgot to buy the [wrong] stuff, lit grill to cook now-right stuff, and no propane. Back in house, broiler on, smoke fills house, but power stays lit, Lions are winning, dinner consumed. Sheets out of dryer, beds made, clothes folded, brother shiny, dog napping, Dad eating coffee cake, my back squished. I hear Ephesus is lovely this time of year.

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