Sunday, December 4, 2011

Caregiving Cards-A Friend Indeed

The first card in my art series "A Friend Indeed" was created because I could not find a card to send to my sister's friend Stacy, who was fighting her way through terminal breast cancer. Her courage was amazing, and I wanted to honor her humbly. The first card I sent read Some day I may know what you're going through, and the inside read And I will remember your strength. 13 cards created. I love the heartfelt sentiment on each, the truth of a life struggle respected. Along my own journey, I abandoned the cards. Recently I wanted cards to send to other caregiver friends. The loneliness, the doubt, guilt and heartbreak of caregivers is profound, and I needed cards to encourage and support my friends. My Friend Indeed cards came back, but the art was dated. I rounded up the collection of dolls I'd rescued, packed a wardrobe case and my camera and went to the parks. I fell back in love with the cards, and cried more than once, feeling the love caregivers share. As I was walking to find another location in Kensington Park, a man popped up from crouching in the bushes. Oh, oh, I thought. He looked sheepishly around, shrugged and held up a cutout. "My niece sent me Flat Stanley to take a picture of in Michigan." I love Flat Stanley! I said. He sighed, "thank goodness." At Island Lake State Park, a mountain biker saw me kneeling over a log getting the dolls to sit upright, and almost fell off his bike laughing. For one photograph, I was so convinced the dolls were live acting talent, I posed two standing, and was surprised when they both fell over. I have listed some of the cards in my shop on etsy, and will be posting more. In any way you're able, please give thanks and appreciation to those loved ones and friends who are in need of support indeed, especially this holiday season.

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