Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Else I Like About Being Older

I'm a slow learner, so it's an advantage to be headed for elderdom. Each decade had its own idiocy, like any other life, also 10 year spans of richness I can reflect on at leisure now. Reverend Lorna Brown told us that each experience, tragic or less than, is a lesson we'll need. We don't always feel the lesson. We wail, fret, holler why me, quote Dorothy Parker what fresh hell is this?, but reflecting on how you just pulled another rabbit out of your hat at a given moment now, you can see the script on the movie screen of your mind. 10 years was behind me when I grasped that change is to be desired, not hated. 20 years went by before I realized that not freaking out was now a lifestyle. 30 years on I knew that living based on what everyone and everything else wanted of me was not a good way to live. 40 years of struggling on my own sent me to find professional help in turning my life around. 50 years experience figured out my dad is sad and cannot know how to be happy, so being happy myself is a nice example. 60 years went whizzing by before I understood that not everything in the universe happens just to me. And even if I don't look at all like this silhouette, I can still draw that lovely figure, with her pearls and cigarette holder and I didn't have to buy the pearls, the dress or the cigarette. Life is gooder being older.

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