Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Consciousness and Conscious Awareness

Everything everywhere vibrates. Different amplitudes, frequencies make the universe go 'round. What causes pain and confusion for me is fighting the vibrations. If I resist - life, change, awareness, growth, joy, now - I will have trouble on all experience planes in all dimensions. My brain will get cloudy and tight. My body will hurt. Rookie believers like me are fortunate to have wonderful people sources to help us, and the Great Gadgety Google to find them. My beautiful friends help, and share other connections to learn more. We ask each other questions, and I'm finding I absorb much more by sharing. I found this article by Bill Harris about brainwaves and evolution. Meditation is a new experience and I'm learning from my wonderful neighbor Marilyn, how to relax into the now. And learning to live in the now with gratitude.

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