Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hydrofrac Michigan

Not enough to float nuclear materials in the Great Lakes, dig a deep geological radioactive repository on Lake Huron, cut EPA funding and jurisdiction, let's hydraulic fracture in our backyard some more. We've all seen the video of a homeowner setting his tap water on fire. Wouldn't that be fun to do, too? The mild-mannered folks have their websites. Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council maybe hasn't seen the video. Cheryl Davisson Gracie, CPA and lawyer, has LLC'ed herself into the conversation with Hydrofracking Michigan LLC. I cannot tell if she's for or against. Dow gets a pass for developing better toxins. Here are facts you need to know, and a pdf map of current and future sites. The frac sites operating in Michigan have used 5 million gallons of water so far, and buried the polluted results in Michigan ground. So what! We've got plenty. Meanwhile, if you've already made up your mind, don't want to bathe in toxified tapwater and watch our Great Lakes watershed go up in a poof of combustible materials, the Ban Hydrofracking folks are out there. Friends of the Jordan River is an excellent spot to start.

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