Monday, May 23, 2011

End Colonial Imperial Behavior

Rebecca Solnit posted a brilliant analogy comparing the DS-Kahn assault to the assault of colonial Europe on the globe. Her name was Africa, his was France. Her name was Asia, his name was Europe. His name is IMF: her name is every underdeveloped country in the world. We are living to see this change - slowly, painfully - and to reverse the evolution of colonial and imperial behaviors in the world, by countries and individuals. We've seen the results of the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, and we'll see the aftereffects of the repeat in April, 2011. Bretton Woods gave power to American financial corporations; look at the speakers at April's conference and estimate the new thinking that appeared. The conference even went back to the same hotel. Power over must go. Dominance is not domination. Thank you, Rebecca Solnit for showing us succinctly.

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