Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes to Ltd.

Hand lotion that moisturizes is as hard to find as the Fountain of Youth. Some make me itch, some sting, and most just don't work. Went to Walgreens today to find a hairbrush and a hand lotion. We have lots of drugstore choices in South Lyon, including either CVS 1.8 miles from each other. Walgreens has the nicest people, who all have coupons you can use falling out of their pockets, and I swear each person has the coupons memorized. I like that as it frees up my brain and skinny wallet. I stood in front of the hand lotions for 20 minutes. I've tried most all. On the top shelf was a small collection of Yes To products - Yes to carrots, Yes to cucumber. Paraben free, although I'm not sure what that does for me, and Dead Sea mud might be nice, but isn't the Dead Sea going to run out of stuff soon? Not tested on animals is extra good. The ingredients list looked appetizing with all the beneficial stuff at the top. I hesitated at the price, but I liked the art, so that's worth a couple dollars. The woman who rang the sale said if it didn't work, bring it back. Rather than risk going home and then trying, I put some on my hands in the car. I'm happy. My hands are happy. My local economy is less depressed. Animals who weren't slathered with junk are happy. Eventually high schools with gardens will be happy getting some loot from the Yes to Seed Fund nonprofit. Life is good again. I'm clapping my soft hands.

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