Monday, January 31, 2011

More Food with Chemical Manipulation

Concurrent with the debate over Monsanto's genetically engineered seeds, DuPont is buying Danisco, a world leader in food ingredients (not food, food ingredients) and enzymes for humans and the animals humans eat. Ugh. DuPont is not my idea of a food company, and Danisco's list of specialties and additives is a little nauseating. Additives that give human pseudo-food longer shelf-life and better taste. And enzymes that control some pukey issues with chemically-enhanced animal feed. Do you know what osmotic shock is? Gastrointestinal stress. Probably from eating that "lean yield" additive. Ugh again. Danisco will have a booth at the 2011 Thermoplastics Concentrates Conference. Is that about food, pharma, beverages or nutrition? DuPont claims to want to provide healthier, tastier food to feed the world. Would you grocery shop at a DuPont plant? Ugh trebled.

1 comment:

  1. Scary! Makes me want to turn my 55+ postage-stamp-sized "yard" into a veggie garden.
    Some years ago I noticed that the sliced cheese I was buying was actually labeled "cheese food".
    Cheese food.
    As in, this "food" is kinda cheese-like. Enjoy!
    Needless to say, I started looking for actual cheese instead.