Saturday, January 22, 2011

Detroit Ice Skating

Green Bay/Chicago game tomorrow in their second post-season match since 1941. Dad's a Green Bay fan since giving up the Lions back in the 50s. We talked about the Ice Bowl, and I wrote to my brother, reminiscing. I remembered Ray Nitschke shivering on the bench. Paul remembered what he was doing that day - playing hockey with brother John. He said it was 20 below zero, and his feet froze between taking his shoes off and putting his skates on. I'm remembering the start of the ice season meant a trip to Vetere Hardware at 7 Mile and Mack to get our skates sharpened. Dad always flooded the backyard so we had our own rink. The first time he did it, my mother hollered "you're going to ruin the lawn!" Dad yelled back, "What lawn? It's a baseball diamond in the summer." I still enjoy ice and hardware stores. Hardware stores smell like great adventure.

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