Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blogs for Women Over 60

A sign on the roads in England that delighted me read Priorities Change Ahead. The first time I saw this, being the obedient first responder to orders, my brain spun. A sign is a sign is a sign! I never thought what UK highway system officials intended about driving, but what this sign meant in my life. I was only 50 then. Now, immersed in the fog of accepting that there is less time for me in the future on this planet than past, I think of that sign. We all have to change priorities in a country where age is not honored, women as elders are shoved into the first available invisible place; at a time when healthcare will be a priority while legislators decide old people (and children) don't need to keep living. Priorities change ahead. We were at a jazz festival in Detroit when a young person offered us a coupon for teeth whitening stuff. The young persons used to offer cigarettes a long time ago. Priorities change ahead. As he held out the coupon, I laughed, and said teeth whitening is number 1,741 on my list of priorities. My sister laughed. What are the other 1,740? she asked. We can't tell from search results on the internet what is a priority for women over 60. Hairstyles, fashion, sex, celebrity. My priorities as a woman over 60 are similar to most American women. 1) My health, 2) Family's health, 3) Exercise, 4) Relationships, 5) Finances, 6) Good work. Work might be volunteering, if 5) Finances are in fairly good shape, and there's time because 1) and 2) are well. I keep applying for part-time work in town and I keep not getting called. And I'm trying to give attention to signs. What is the work I would love to do in the time remaining? How can I help? In what way can I help heal the political polarity, the planet, and find deeper meaning in spiritual pursuits while maintaining optimum physical condition? These are the subjects women over 60 give priority. We can help each other find the sources for reaching our real goals. Please tell me where you find additional strength on the internet, and I'll link the sites. Let's create a community that shares and celebrates our priorities because priorities change ahead.


  1. I like your list of priorities. Yes tooth whitening is not so much of a need at my age.

  2. Being newly retired has changed my priorities and I'm still sorting them out. It's like standing still in the middle of a busy intersection, not knowing which road to take. I like having so many options but don't want to waste time taking the wrong road (sigh).

    1. I am now 66 and I've had a very full life. I have been with my partner for 13 years (after leaving my marriage of 32 years).
      Since I've been with my partner I've got to know 5 new grandchildren (4 boys and 1 girl), had cancer twice and declared myself bankrupt.
      We are now looking to start a new business in catering.
      My advice is to go with the flow, don't push things. Wait and see what your angels have in store for you.

  3. I will pass the dreaded 69 on April 21st. If I remember correctly, 50 was traumatic, 60, not so much. I hope I will deal with rising 70hood phlegmatically. Priorities for me are health, family, friends, interests, and .....
    the rest will emerge tomorrow. We must continue to do our best with every day we have. That is my goal.

  4. 66 is arriving this year! Wow! How did that happen! I've had a beautiful family - then divorce changed that priority. I've had a fabulous career- then Corporate America began to lay off - that priority changed. Then two successful businesses - my life partner died at the height of the economic disaster and at the beginning of our successful consulting practice - priorities really changed then. A successful battle with cancer hit me in the head and I headed back out West to be close to one of my sons/family, friends, and the place I'd spent 30 years of my adult life- talk about changing priorities! Now another new business venture is taking off and priorities have changed, yet again. This is but one more chapter in life and I am embracing it! The goal, let God take you where you are meant to go, learn life's lessons with grace. An ordinary woman!

  5. 66 will arrive later this year! Wow! How did that happen. Life brought me a marriage with beautiful children -- then divorce changed that priority. A fabulous 22 year career -- then Corporate America decided to lay off those of us over 50 and changed priorities. 2 businesses later, my life partner passed away in the height of the economic disaster and the beginning of the success of our consulting practice -- quick priority change. A successful battle with breast cancer, a move back to the West coast -- more changed priorities. Now I am involved in a partnership starting up a new business -- wonderful changed priorities. My advice, follow life's path, learn incredible lessons, and embrace change! Carpe Diem! From An Ordinary Woman

  6. Priorities. As I googled "over 60" the sites were about "getting laid". Still defined by male ideas of what's important, still being told that what males think is right, important. Women all over the world are starving, being raped to death, murdered by those who say they love them, watching their girl children be sexually exploited and trafficked, seeing their elder friends and relatives being abused and neglected, and still the hits for "over 69" are about how to please men. No wonder most of the world views us as narcissistic, navel gazing selfish privileged and spoiled.

    Disgusting. Disgujst-ed.

  7. I like your thought patterns and am hoping that you continue this blog. I notice it's been a long time since anything new was added. We "over 60 gals" need kindred spirits.

  8. I will soon be 66, in the last year my priorities have changed, I am scared, but moving forward, caught in the downside of the real estate world, my investments are not the retirement that I thought they would be - what to sale what to hang on to and how to stop worry - not the same as when I was young and ready to start a new career if old one did not work out. Want to be close to my family, grandchild and not be stressed, it will work, I just must be brave