Monday, February 6, 2012

Out of My Life

The weather's been so warm in Michigan that we saw forsythia blooming in Howell a few weeks ago. And I've been in the mood for spring cleaning since Thanksgiving. As there's only so much cleaning one can do in a pleasant but small Artist's Dungeon, I've been going through files and boxes. I sorted Beckie's jewelry findings. Again. And one of these days before true spring, I'll get around to the books. Again. I have a jewelry box that I've had for a long time. It has the lock and key inside it, but the lock hasp is gone. It's a cheap wood and cardboard affair but it's performed good service for decades. At the bottom of it are pieces of jewelry that I'll never wear, and some pieces I'm embarrassed to own. So why do I still have them? Because people I loved gave them to me. The people are gone, but I liked keeping the artifacts. There are many things I want out of my life. Judgment. This ivory necklace. Low self-esteem. The Andean Condor loose powder compact my great-aunt gave me in the 60s. I can put the jewelry on etsy, and do my best to explain what the hell I'm doing with ivory and condor. I have never bought animal products in my life, and will continue that fine and highly recommended practice. The other stuff I want out of my life I'm working on still. Two down, a kajillion to go. Isn't it grand to have some goals?

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