Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Birds & The Bees in Government

Rachel Maddow tried to explain where babies come from to the busybodies busy legislating women's bodies, illustrating down there lady parts in her Man Cave. Unfortunately, explaining women to men historically often results in men trying to control how women go about the world. Read some of the analyses of the good ol' days back 5,000 years ago when matriarchs ran the world, and you may find that it took about 2,500 years for men to sort out that the birds and bees thing was what delivered babies. Not prayer, a dance around the campfire, hunting things with clubs; oh, you mean, that. Precisely. And here we are 2,500 more years later, and - deja vu all over again - women have to explain how women work to men one more time. The 112th Congress and its minions at the state level are back trying to get a grip - not on their zippers and their thinking processes - but on women's bodies. And by all means, let's please drag the Catholic Church back into the discussion. And while we have a few months left in the 112th, let's reverse all those nasty property laws, get rid of credit scores for women, hell, let's get rid of money for women altogether. Bring back silencing, gaol, rewriting history, the stock in the public square, and perhaps, oh yes, those old stand-bys, the scaffold and the fire.

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