Thursday, February 9, 2012

Michigan, My Michigan

I love Michigan. There are other beautiful states in our union, but I was born here, have lived here all my life and will probably continue to live in Michigan. My matriarchal ancestors are buried here (all on Drummond Island) and my paternal ancestors one generation past are buried here. The other folks are in England and Finland. I am second generation American, and second generation Michiganian. Michigan enjoys four true seasons. Well, except for this winter which has been not great for snowshoeing. My mom had a tshirt that, among other joke traditions, reported that summer in Michigan is two weeks of bad sledding. And you can get sunburned and frostbit in the same week. And you might be from Michigan if you think alkaline is a Tiger right fielder. Michigan has the most bowling alleys and consumes the most potato chips. Michigan was home to dozens of film actors, writers, and hopefully will return to being a film industry destination. Michigan has the largest alvar plain in North America (Maxton Plains on Drummond Island). We have many nationally designated wild and scenic rivers, an honorific that will keep our rivers beautiful and pristine. I commissioned this dual-peninsula Michigan pin to be made long ago by James Avery Jewelry in Kerrville, TX. If JA still has the mold, you can get the pins there even now. Notice that Drummond Island is happily floating in its channel to the right of the U.P. There are State of Michigan maps that do not include Drummond, but it is a Michigan island. Anecdotal history reports that it missed being Canadian because the survey team got the British captain drunk and sailed him through the false channel. You can read about the British on Drummond from 1815-1828. Michigan has great stories to share. Michigan has my heart.

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