Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Music Memories with Goldilocks

For decades I've used "Once upon a time there lived on the edge of the forest a little girl named Goldilocks" to start a blank typing page. The line came from a narrated score we played in middle school band about Goldilocks. A flute passage performed the Goldilocks role in the spoken piece. I can still play it on the flute, if I fumble around. There were other instruments for the 3 bears, an ominous trombone passage represented the dark forest. The memories of playing flute all those years are some of my most precious. When I started to play an instrument, Dad said if proved I would practice, then I could have my own flute. He bought the Bundy from our music teacher, Donald Sinta. I wish every child could share the challenge of learning to play an instrument, the hours of practice, the triumph when you've mastered it, the thrill of knowing your part when the conductor goes down the line to hear which instrument is wiggly, the first solo 1s in competition, and the joy of a concert well-played. My flute was passed to Michelle for a time, outfitted with new pads, and then to Rachel in elementary school (repadded once more), and then back to me. Such a beautiful generational musical circle. A happy 50th anniversary to this special Bundy/Selmer flute, and all the people who shared their joy with me.

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