Friday, August 5, 2011

Blissful Me

Yesterday's conversation closed with a writing assignment: to visualize the successful you. The present, attended, blissful me. In whatever way I believe I am contented. Be extravagant, expansive, ecstatic. Maybe a tropical island with a gorgeous fireman? How about clinging to the side of the Jupiter launch today, bound for the gas giant and its groupie moons? Living in a sheltered valley shadowed by Nanga Parbat? I thought about it on my walk this morning. I had a gleeful aha moment, and then I promptly forgot it. What I do remember is I'm content in all directions in my imagined future. My body is housing my spirit and keeping me well and balanced. My brain works cooperatively with my heart to make decisions about my life. Sentipensante. Thinking:feeling. I am contributing to a loving world by being me and sharing my gifts. I enjoy the community I inhabit, and good friends. And I just remembered the aha moment. Fear is just lack of faith in a good outcome. So, it is possible I'm already the successful, blissful me I envision. My new assignment: start believing it.

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