Friday, August 5, 2011


While we women were empowering each other yesterday, there were some wild side trips into imagination. One friend was describing picturing herself, not stuck in traffic behind a motorcycle, but on the motorcycle. Flying, hair streaming back. She could feel the abs on the motorcycle driver. We laughed around fantasies. Uniforms. Now, I like a uniform as much as the next, but I think few outfits can compete with Scottish ancestral regalia. Maybe it's as simple as a man in a skirt. I don't tell anybody this. I think it. Minutes later, in the door of a small town coffee shop in Michigan walked a guy in...Highland attire. Complete with sgian dubh. Minus the bagpipes. Now because I've never told anybody this preference, it was a shock to hear the laughter from a friend. "You manifested that." How the heck did she know?

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