Friday, July 15, 2011

Operation eBook Drop

Edward C. Patterson, an author and Vietnam veteran, has partnered with Smashwords in creating a website called Operation eBook Drop which allows authors to post their free ebooks for download by military personnel. You can upload your book on Smashwords, and become an Operation eBook Drop affiliate with a few clicks. If your book is for sale, you simply create a coupon on the Smashwords site giving 100% discount to our good people in uniform. I did this with my book and then wrote to a friend that young people in the field aren't going to be interested in a book about 60 year old women, but she wrote quickly back "they all have moms." If you have a children's book, this might be a terrific opportunity for a soldier in the field to share a story with their children, even from a great distance. Do some good today, authors and publishers! Share your stories. The words on the digital device in this illustration are from "Four Little Sailors" by Bill Staines, on The Happy Wanderer CD. It's a delightful song about the adventures to be enjoyed in reading. Happy wandering!

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