Monday, July 18, 2011

No Women Allowed?

Elizabeth Warren will not head the Consumer Protection Agency. Elizabeth Warren started it, is qualified and eager to lead, is an expert in the field. We trust Elizabeth Warren. We have seen her in action, and we like what we see. But President Obama will appoint Richard Cordray. Elizabeth Warren is being diplomatic about it. The Consolation Prize Committee is recommending she run for the Senate. "Thanks for all the hard work, honey. Don't let the door hit you in the..." While Richard Cordray may be a good second string choice, he's a B guy. He's not Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren hired Richard Cordray. He's a replacement guy who will be appointed instead of a superior woman. He's second choice promoted to first choice because the powers that be are too chickenshit to find a way to get Elizabeth Warren in the post. I hate this. A lot. But not many news sources care enough to cover it. Only 2,310 results for "Consumer Protection Agency," most of which talk about how Elizabeth Warren pissed off half of Washington and all of Wall Street. That's ex-act-ly what I want in an agency head that is representing me, the consumer. I may have to go find myself a third party choice for President. This administration is acting too much like a new boys' club.

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  1. I agree with you but there may be a consolation prize besides the fact that she really does have confidence in Richard Cordray: she may run for gov of Mass against union-buster Scott Brown:
    The comments on HuffPo are overwhelmingly favorable.