Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lore Women Warriors WisCon40

Lore is the history of Last Standing tribe in the Monomyth storyline. She is tattooed from face to feet with the archive of their origin story. The tattoos are memic. Body memory. Touching any line with Lore's permission will reveal the narrative. She is one of the characters I have shared the most time with - I know her better than 5 generations of my family, although she is written from each lifeline in my matriarchal stronghold. She can kick your ass and tuck you into bed with the same aplomb. Lore is ancient. She has cajoled, wheedled, tricked and finessed Monomyth to get someone to take her place so she can step on. At the point we join the story, Lore's career path is pointed to ancestor. She's still feisty (and fashionable) enough to wear fancy togs. She makes them herself, as Monomyth continues to remind those who want the same. Ask Lore.

Lore is a Polynesian Princess Barbie. She's the doll I've had the longest and the first I aged. Her facepaint was removed. It took a year for me to be OK with scrubbing her that way. Then her hair was cut and greyed. And the tattooing started. The tattoos are applied with about 50 extra fine Sharpies. I wrote the Last Standing history, switched it to Elder Fruhtark font in Illustrator, and then transcribed it onto her body. I sure hope I saved the translation because when my old computer croaked, I lost Illustrator.

I cut the hat and molded it from another hat. Her cloak is a CyGirls trenchcoat, and I added the beaded embellishments. She has an original Barbie leotard (with a tiny hole in the abdomen that I did not repair: shabby chic in the future!) and some stockings by The Sister Who Sews on eBay, from whom I buy all my stockings. Her boots are a new acquisition - slumpy felt, possibly hand-built, that had white top stitching I hoped, hoped I could remove. And I did!

I love this figure. She is the character I started this journey alongside, and why I continue to enjoy creating older women figures. Her tribal leader is Monomyth, the next character in this blog trail.

Lore will be joining her 12 sister warriors for sale at the WisCon40 Art Show in Madison, Wisconsin during Memorial Day weekend.

For those who will not be attending WisCon, a 4x6 art print of Lore is available in my etsy shop.

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