Thursday, April 28, 2016

Enibodi Women Warriors WisCon40

Enibodi is out of order. It isn't my inability to alphabetize. No. There must be a story connection concerning who she wants to be because Enibodi is a character I know little about. Her name is a combination of Enhanced Neural Instrument and Bodi. Not quite cyborg, nor AI nor robot. She will probably appear in the Stellar Repo universe.

She was a sleek blonde Janay when she came here. Her legs were damaged (one still is, but now the poking armature is part of her artificial skeletal array.) I left her face untouched because she is beautiful.

I made her turtleneck from a shirt of mine. The hoodie is from a fleece remnant that I still enjoy using. She's carrying a backpack and wearing tights and black boots. I know she and I will become better acquainted as the Stellar Repo storyline continues.

Enibodi will be appearing with her 12 sister scifi warriors at the WisCon 40 Art Show in Madison, WI during Memorial Day weekend.

For those who will not be attending WisCon, a 4x6 art print of Enibodi is available in my etsy shop.

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