Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Avian Women Warriors WisCon40

Avian is the leader of the moon of the same name. Stellar Repo thinks of Avian as her home world. She was left there as an infant, and raised by the female monks in the aerie. This character has the face and neck colorization of a Cooper's hawk. She would have more birdish legs in a figure constructed from armature, but patterned orange stockings, and some nubby boots fit the bill. (Is that a bird joke?) This character was originally Megara from the animated Hercules. Her robe is made from an old tshirt. The dress and shrug were bought from a maker on etsy. The wings are Angelina film, beads and wire. I didn't make these wings, but you can see my constructs on the figure of Kala. Wing supplies are from OOAK Art Emporium. The wings can be gently posed, and also be easily removed.

Stellar Repo is the lead character in her own story. She works as a recollector of pilfered stuff. Stellar is an orphan, parents unknown to her, but perhaps not to others, and she is being hunted by authorities of one of the regimes at play in the universe. She is a misanthrope by personality and necessity. Her PA is Surly Bugger. Some of the other characters in Stellar's realm are Token Guy, owner of The Bar, Stellar's watering hole; Arty Fact, owner of the asteroid belt refueling station at the center of the cosmos Stellar travels (Hot Mess is the cook at the eatery housed there.)

Avian will be joining her 12 sister warriors at the WisCon40 Art Show in Madison, Wisconsin during Memorial Day weekend

For those who will not be attending WisCon, a 4x6 art print of Avian is available at my etsy shop.

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