Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trash Trinkets Treasures

Wandering. Focus is a dream. Don't remember how I began going through old costume jewelry. I also don't know why I saved the pieces from Mom's collection that I did, although I have worn many through the years. There are nice vintage items from Marvella and Lisner and Miriam Haskell, and a few W. Germany stamped. A rhinestone necklace I know is my grandmother's is Lisner. These ladies had narrow necks, or wore necklaces that literally were chokers. What to do with these? I have a short length of costume trim from Blaze Fury that is rhinestones woven on metallic thread. Could be from the 20s, so maybe it was her mother's, Frances Parks. Some of the costume jewelry has coated base metal that is still shiny; much is dull and the finish is gone. The earrings are all clip-ons. Wandering the internet jewelry sites, I remembered to look up a Ratigan show segment about solar energy, and found Good Magazine again. From there I got to a Brooklyn interactive designer named Justin Blinder whose Dumpster Drive program can publicly trash your Mac OS X unused files, and dive other people's electronic castoffs. I'd like to find a decent swap/trade/dumpsterdiving site to mosey around in next. I'll think about what I can do with these treasures instead of storing in the dark. Then I'll muse on what to do with the business clothes I kept that I'll never wear again, behaviors that don't work for me now, and how to get my hi-res mojo back.

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