Monday, June 20, 2011

Supremes Rule Too Many Women/Not Enough in Common

Vague evidence? Too little connection between so many women plaintiffs who have been underpaid and not promoted? What planet are these dudes from? Planet Ideologue. Perhaps the merits of the case weren't everything one could hope for, but the opinions expressed speak clearly to the notion that there were just too damn many women. I'm sick of our country's double standard. One set of corporate rules for men and another unwritten fistful for women. Literally and figuratively. If the lawsuit had involved 50 male plantiffs, bet which way the vote would have gone. Watched Made in Dagenham last night. The United Kingdom has had an equal pay act since 1970?! 1-9-7-0. Yes, the United Kingdom, that schleps out kajillion dollar royal weddings like it's still the 18th century. Do we have an equal pay act? Nope. Will we ever get one? Possible ditto. Until we get the men out of office who, not only view all women as their personal playground equipment, but would never consider a woman with the same education and experience their equal, we'll endure sidebar status. Blimey! Enough is too much already!

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