Tuesday, December 22, 2009

General Cucolo's Army

While ABC News is covering General Cucolo's policy with kid gloves in re: women getting pregnant in his Army in Iraq, four women Senators sent a letter to General Cucolo demanding he rescind his order making pregnancy a punishable offense.

"I regret that the term court martial is bandied about or mentioned," Cucolo said. "I do not ever see myself putting a soldier in jail for this."

Then rescind the damn order, General Cucolo. It's none of your business who got a soldier pregnant either, unless the soldier needs to report to her commanding officer about circumstances.

If you are addicted to writing reprimands, put one in your jacket too, sir. 7.7% of your troops are women: and you had to write an order regarding their reproductive rights? Get real.

Handle your mission. Let women soldiers handle theirs. Women know how to act professionally, even when their supervisors don't.

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