Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Story

I ordered a hat embroidered for my Dad for Christmas. It was to read "Atomic Veteran - APA 38 USS Chilton - Bikini Atoll." I could have done this earlier in the season, but I waited to have the money to do it. When the hat was ready, the ship was spelled USS Chiton. It was equally my fault for not checking the instructions properly. I had to be at peace that the hat would not be ready for Christmas. One of my major challenges is to accept the things I cannot change, to accept where I am at fault, and I am learning slowly.

Parkside called today and said the hat was ready and I could pick it up if I could get there before 3 p.m. I got there, asked to use my debit card to pay the balance, and the young woman, said, "You know what? It's okay. We spelled it wrong. Enjoy the time with your father. Merry Christmas."

I cried. I'm still crying. The true gift of the holidays was given by one woman and one business, and it is a mighty gift to me, and to my Dad, with whom I will share the story tomorrow.

Parkside Cleaners is located at 22645 Pontiac Trail, South Lyon, MI 48178.

Thank you for the lesson, Parkside Cleaners! It will be easier for me to count my blessings, to be grateful for kindnesses, and I will find fast and continuous opportunity to pass the good spirit forward. Merry Christmas and bless us all every one!

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  1. I too am grateful for, as yet, an unnamed lady at the drycleaners.....she repaired the pockets on my faithful, black winter coat. I am sure that I got way too excited when I put my hands in the new, deep pockets for the first time. No loosing things in the lining! No catching my rings in the shredded threads!
    A place to keep warm gloves and keys, and a button that says "I am loved". How old could that coat matter, it shines inside the pockets, now, and puts a smile on my face when I ware it. Nic people at drycleaners, huh, Linda!