Saturday, December 5, 2009

Atlin-Taku Watershed Preservation

The Taku watershed is home to all five Pacific salmon species, and other globally significant wildlife. It is a valuable carbon sink, food, water and medicine source and has survived for millennia under the stewardship of First Nations. A Tlingit Shaman wearing Frog Clan hat is pictured. I've blogged about this gorgeous country and the threat to its survivability in May, 2009.

Redfern Resources is still lobbying to reopen the Tulseqah Chief Mine, a copper-lead-zinc mine near Atlin in the watershed. There has never been a mine that has not fouled its ecosystem. Never.

You can help protect this beautiful and ecologically critical watershed by attending this website, organized by Rivers Without Borders, and encouraging the British Columbia and Canadian governments to help this wilderness remain so.

More information is available at the Taku Legacy site. Please use a few minutes of your time to do more good work.

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