Tuesday, February 25, 2014

63-year-old Woman

That's my age. I don't see me in media of any kind, at the grocery store checkout on a magazine cover (unless it's the rags with bad pictures of celebrities and the "cancer" with a question mark headline), or on the internet. I just googled "women photos 63 years." And I got double digit million results with celebrities who are supposedly aging gracefully. Cher? Gracefully? I searched again using google Advanced Search, and asking for none of the words celebrity, celebrities. Here are the top 7 results.
1) East New York 76-year-old woman apparent victim...
2) 63 year old woman kills teen who tried to rob her
3) 63 year old Chinese woman gives birth to twins
4) 63 year old woman loses 250 pounds
5) I am a 63 year old woman. Am I too old for buccal fat removal?
5) This woman is 63 but looks 45
6) 63 year old woman dead after 70 year old brother shoots her
7) At 102, she changes oil, spark plugs on her 82 year old car.

No wonder I'm cranky.


  1. Finding ourselves in media can be depressing. But love the blog and this photo of you where you look just like hundreds of others our age look---thoughtful, attractive, smart---fabulous as we would say. Your blog is straight forward, funny, and sharp----great reading.

  2. You look wonderful. 63 suits you well. You're a real woman, Not a fake. Straightforward; you tell it like it is, and you're funny.. I love that.

  3. Shopping is another issue, too. Younger people who are clerks ignore anyone over 30. If you're (meaning me and you) old, you're invisible. Damned if those dollars aren't invisible, though!

  4. You are so beautiful and classy!