Monday, November 14, 2011

A Three Story Life: Blood Pressure

I've been on blood pressure medication for many years. I have no idea what year, but it was undoubtedly after cancer, my mother's valiant yet unsuccessful battle with cancer, and starting the caregiver role. A while. A couple years ago I almost got put on another med, but refused to take it. Last week my prescription ran out. To get a new one requires a 130 mile trip to the doctor, paying an office fee, and hearing that I need to lose 20 pounds. Another choice is to do the 8 hour free clinic wait. And then there's just stop. Walked to the homeopathy store and said I want to quit my blood pressure medication. He said good. I said can you help me do this? And he said sure. So I'm off. Research is my third favorite thing to do, so I'm researching. My BMI is good, but I need to lose 10 pounds to drop 14Hg blood pressure points. I need more effective cardio workouts. I already eat well, but I'll eat better. Raw foods are back on my menu, and I'm researching more alkaline foods. I told my sister what I 'm doing and she said, "Good for you. Where are you putting Dad and Scott?" Funny sister. What I'm doing to reduce the stress level for me in the house is put me first. Day one, I said maybe 1,000 times "I choose calm" and kept thinking about the movie Airplane. Picked a hell of a week to quit drinking. Day two, I said maybe 10,000 times "I am calm." Picked a hell of a week to quit sniffing glue. Day three, I said out loud "I am not going to argue with you," fled to check my blood pressure and it was okay! Pulse was a little high, but it was good. I know my body, I know when something is wrong. Now I want to know my body, and know when all is well. We make a choice every second in life, and I am training myself to choose calm, choose love, choose grateful, choose healthy: the next thing I'm going to do on purpose.

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  1. You go girl! Come visit me, I will teach you wild foods and walk you through beauty! I will sing you calm, let you spend time with my dog who will show you how to let go in every minute. Walk in beauty, learn Hozho, the Dineh belief in balance and harmony. You are on it sister and I am with you!